The purpose of the North Kansas City Historical Society aka Historical Society of North Kansas City, Missouri, shall be for the purpose of preserving and promulgating the historic records of North Kansas City, MO and its environs.  Said purpose shall include collection and preservation of physical memorabilia and artifacts, obtaining and memorializing information, both written and oral, regarding the history of North Kansas City and its environs, establishing a permanent location for storage and display of historical materials and development of programs and  materials to inform the public of the history of North Kansas City and its environs.


The North Kansas City Historical Society was originally established by the action of the City Council of North Kansas City on June 4, 1985.  At that time, the Mayor was requested to appoint a historical committee without directives, specific assignments or limitations.  The committee was to be free to determine its goals and activities, and to present any plans requiring Mayor/Council help to that governing body.

Since that time the Historical Society has been registered as a non-profit corporation with the Secretary of State of the State of Missouri as the North Kansas City Historical Society.